• Dr. Russell J. Quaglia



    Dr. Russell J. Quaglia is recognized globally as a pioneer in the field of education, known for his unwavering dedication to student aspirations and student voice. Described by national news media as America's foremost authority on the development and achievement of student aspirations, Dr. Quaglia's innovative work is evidenced by an extensive library of research-based publications, prominent international speaking appearances, and a successfully growing list of aspirations ventures.

    Among these ventures, Dr. Quaglia authored the Quaglia Student Voice suite of surveys, iKnow My Class student surveys, and the My Aspirations Action Plan (MAAP), an online aspirations-based planner that helps students to work towards their dreams and track their progress with the support of an adult Aspirations Advocate.

    In addition to founding and leading the Quaglia Institute for Student Aspirations, Dr. Quaglia is the Chief Academic Officer of the Student Engagement Trust, a nonprofit organization based in the United Kingdom. He also founded and currently chairs the Aspirations Academies Trust, a sponsor of primary and secondary academies in the United Kingdom built upon his aspirations research.

    Combining his entrepreneurial spirit with his devotion to helping students achieve their aspirations, Dr. Quaglia established Q-Bean Coffee in 2012, a company that donates all profits from the sales of its eco-friendly coffee to educational organizations and student scholarships.

    Dr. Quaglia earned his bachelor's degree at Assumption College, a master of arts degree in economics from Boston College, and master of education and doctorate degrees from Columbia University, specializing in the area of organizational theory and behavior. He has been awarded numerous honorary doctorates in humanitarian services for his dedication to students. Dr. Quaglia's work has also led him to serve on national and international committees, reflecting his passion for ensuring that students' voices are always heard, honored, and acted upon.
  • Dr. Michael J. Corso

    Chief Academic Officer


    Dr. Michael J. Corso earned his doctorate in education from Boston College. He has been an educator for over twenty-five years and has taught at every grade level, kindergarten through graduate school. He is deeply committed to the belief that students are the agents of their own learning. This passion makes him a natural fit for work in the area of student aspirations.

    Dr. Corso has worked throughout his career to improve teaching and learning through teacher training and education. His doctoral study grounds his work as a researcher and field specialist in a contemporary philosophy of education and human knowing.

    In his role at QISA, Dr. Corso combines research on student perceptions of schools with educational theory and the living, breathing practice of students, teachers and administrators.